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FIRA International Gold Product Certification


Enhance your sales by investing in FIRA Gold Product Certification

FIRA International Gold Product Certification is the independent third party product validation scheme for the furniture industry. A specifier, purchaser or contractor may be specifying and procuring a wide range of products and services and they need absolute reassurance that those products meet all the necessary and latest standards. Customers also need reassurance that the products they are buying have been proven to meet all current applicable standards. They can also be reassured that 

FIRA International Gold Product Certification covers all types of furniture and components and is the mark for product excellence. This certification has rigorous test requirements for the products covered, backed by an ongoing audit and re-test programme to ensure that a particular product having achieved the certification maintains the standard.

The initial product assessment is in-depth, objective and thorough. It covers amongst other things workmanship, ergonomics, strength and stability, finish performance and effects of atmosphere on a product. Not only that, but there is also an annual factory audit to ensure a factory produces the product to the same standards of the original assessment of furniture. Within this a review a production procedures, design changes and an examination of the complaint records ensures that any adverse trends are spotted and resolved immediately.

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