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FIRA International Gold Installation Certification


FIRA International Gold Installation Certification is an independently verified and ongoing assessment of your installation service to ensure excellence in every installation. It is awarded by FIRA International, unrivalled as the experts for the furniture industry.

As the recognised installation approval scheme for the furniture and kitchen industries, FIRA International Gold Certification often appears on tender documents for the public and private sector.

Support for your installation team

Delivering consistent high quality installations enhances customer satisfaction and boosts your company's reputation. The FIRA International Gold Certification process helps to ensure that your installations meet your customers' expectations. Our Technical Manual covers all areas of installation ensuring consistency across all jobs and providing a template of standards to work to.

It also provides confidence knowing that each of your contractors has 'bought in' to the FIRA International Gold Certification practices, ultimately meaning fewer customer complaints relating to the installation procedure. This alone enables you to sell on the strength of the certification, ensuring a high standard of customer service, a much higher profile for your company and ultimately increased sales.

What you need to do...

To achieve FIRA International Gold Installation Certification, a company must be able to demonstrate that the installers used are suitably qualified and that all necessary procedures, documentation and quality standards are in place. In addition, FIRA International experts audit a selection of installations to ensure the procedures are being followed and standards met.

This means that the same high level of installation is offered to consumers throughout the country - no matter which contractor carried out the work.

As the service provider you need reassurance that the installation team, whether employees or sub-contract labour, all carry out the work to the same high standard.

Benefits to your company

  • You will know that each installation that you carry out will be performed in exactly the same way
  • FIRA International Gold Certification offers a major selling point and competitive advantage by differentiating your offering
  • External independent auditing by a well-respected and well-recognised furniture organisation
  • Your customer has complete reassurance that the installation will be carried out to a high standard and, if unforeseen issues arise, all problems will be dealt with in a timely and considerate way
  • Creates new and exciting advertising and PR opportunities, ultimately raising your profile in the industry
  • Already appearing on tender documents, FIRA International Gold Certification provides an additional competitive edge when competing for public and private sector contracts

Office Installation

FIRA International Gold Certification Installation for office furniture is independent, third-party verification of the standard of your service by the experts for the furniture industry.

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